Gigi Lamayne agrees to go on a date with Mr Smeg

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Gigi Lamayne agrees to go on a date with Mr Smeg

Born Genesis Gabriella Tina Manney, Gigi Lamayne is a 24-year-old South African award- winning extraordinaire who has taken the country by storm with her charismatic stage presence, versatility and remarkably mature lyrical abilities. Rapper, Singer, song-writer and Poet all describe this multi-facet artist.

Who is Michael Bucwa?

Michael Bucwa, aka Mr Smeg, is gradually becoming a celebrity and South Africa’s internet sensation because news about him spread quickly. His love for his Smeg kettle surprised many people because he treats it like his best friend. Mr Smeg gave the kettle a special treat by taking it out
Gigi Lamayne agrees to go on a date with Mr Smeg
Gigi Lamayne agrees to go on a date with Mr Smeg

Mr Smeg has announced he is going on an official date with rapper Gigi Lamayne.

Well, this is not the first time he will be going on a national date and now, it seems he has a big day to prepare for.

In a tweet, Mr Smeg had described the songstress as beautiful and let her know he would love to take her out for lunch.

Gigi Lamayne had a minor condition, though. She said the date should be at HangAwt, a restaurant in Tembisa owned by fellow musician Shimza.



Gigi said she has taken a break from dating fir 2year now and its time for her back on the filed.

However, she has been doing the most in the industry and giving love a chance is not a bad thing either.

Recall, Gigi has been accused of dating Inno Morolong’s ex-boyfriend

Gigi clarifies her purported relationship with Chris Noriega in an audio clip published by Instagram gossip blog Maphephandaba.

Well, in a new tweet, she is ready; ‘I’ve been single for a while now (2 years) . Think it’s time to get back on the field.” Tweeted Gigi.

Mr Smeg name inspiration


Many are familiar that Smeg is actually a luxury lifestyle brand which manufactures high-end appliances. So what does a kettle have to do with the tweep?


According to Mr Smeg, his persona was created during lockdown in 2020 when he studied the happenings on social media

He told Drum magazine:

“The idea came from me noticing how brands play such a big role in people’s lives and how being seen with a certain name brand tells the story of the type of person you are.

“Sometimes people who have achieved success and acquired material wealth tend to want to show it off and I found that to be funny because I come from nothing and I had to work hard. So I decided to play on that humor and I became Twitter famous for it.”


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