Kelly Khumalo trends after dishing out stinging clap-back to troll

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Kelly Khumalo recently delivered a vicious clap-back to a troll who had some harsh words for her. The singer used every swear word in the isiZulu vocabulary to respond to the troll.The Empini singer delivered a vicious clap-back after a social media user called her a murderer

– Mzansi social media users had mixed reactions about the way she handled the situation.Her reaction caused her to trend on social media as Mzansi debated about how she handled the situation.

Kelly was minding her own business on Twitter when a social media user accused her of being a murderer. Khumalo is no stranger to such accusations as many still hold the belief that she had something to do with the death of Senzo Meyiwa.

Although Kelly has insisted that she knows nothing that will help find the killers, many believe that she is hiding something.

Kelly Khumalo trends after dishing out stinging clap-back to troll
Kelly Khumalo is sick and tired of trolls attacking her. Image: @kellykhumaloza/Instagram-Source: Instagram

Nevertheless, bullying her on social media has left Mzansi divided. After the singer snapped at the troll, many Mzansi social media user supported her. Twitter user African_Spring said:

“Kelly Khumalo is the most bullied celebrity on these streets,and y’all get shocked when she reacts?”
nela_mbambo said:

“Celebrities are human beings, they have feelings too…Irrelevant people trying to be relevant by putting another person down. Umthuke kancane, this mocking towards Kelly Khumalo must come to an end”
CeliStewart said:

“So nice to see Kelly Khumalo stand up for herself. Y’all are very abusive”
Others were still relentless in their belief that she deserved what is dished to her. Twitter user AlexSithole said:

“Kelly Khumalo has no valid reason to trend while Senzo’s killers are still on the loose. She can swear all she likes…owa bulala owethu uSenzo uya funeka (ywe want to know who killed our Senzo)”

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