Zimbabwean And South African Robbers Stoned To Death In Soweto

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RIP: Freedom Park residents teach Polo driving PHONE-THIEVES a deadly lesson
PICS| Zimbabwean And South African Robbers Stoned To Death In Soweto
One of the robbers who was stoned to death in Freedom Park, Soweto.

A group of Zimbabwean and South African robbers who had become notorious for robbing cellphones in Soweto, Johannesburg, was captured and the members were stoned to death by residents.

The group comprised of three Zimbabwean men and two South African women, as reported by The Talk SA. The robbers moved around in a white VW Polo as they robbed Freedom Park residents of their cellphones.


Opera News stated that the robbers would approach victims with the car, and they would circle them pointing guns and other weapons as they demanded phones and other possessions. The robbers did not hesitate to steal phones in broad daylight.

Freedom Park residents managed to track the car in the township of Siyaya in Freedom Park and caught the robbers. They set the VW Polo on fire, according to the information shared in the Freedom Park public Facebook group.

The robbers were then stoned to death by the angry residents. People reacted with delight to the news of the stoning of the robbers.

Busisiwe Masinge said –


I am happy the community is alert and sending a strong message to criminals. However burning the car is clearly not a good move. The car is probably stolen and they destroyed an asset of an innocent citizen. We should be helping citizens recover their car but now we are also victimising the victim.


Agnes Motabola added –


I love siyaya people, the are united, unity is the power. Salute comrades✊✊


Daniel Langa reiterated –


We are not talking law to our hands we fixing the country we don’t need cops we are cops thina as umphakathi


Anti-immigrants group Operation Dudula has frequently accused foreigners of committing crimes in South Africa.

Earlier this year, police arrested five Zimbabwean thieves for stealing electronic gadgets worth R130,000 within two months. Afromambo reported that three Zimbabweans were sentenced to life imprisonment after being found guilty of cash-in-transit (CIT) robbery crimes in South Africa.

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